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Quick Guide

How to choose the right bike ?

Let us help you find the right gear.

Family e-Bike

Step 2  
Open the padlock on the fence

Hire a consultant

Step 4 
Collect your accessories

The family e-bike is ideal for:

  • carrying upto 2 children

Use the pin code we sent to you for the padlock and confirm with the lock 🔒 symbol.


To simplify everything massively, we hired a strategy consultant on (Mr McKwiksey) to analyse the relationship between passenger kilos, fun & price. They found that fun & price are perfectly correlated, therefore they are on one axis. Secondly, they established that there is a positive correlation between transportable passenger kilos and fun&price which is roughly linear. Roughly for DKK 2, you get 1 kilogram capacity.

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Have you booked helmets? Need to bring a charger? Remember to collect your accessories.

Not the right "How to" guide?
Check the other quick guides about the rental process and about the online booking

Do you have any questions about our
cargo e-bike service or our bikes ?

Check out the Support page to see also our Bike Manuals or FAQ and if there are any other questions, don't hesitate

to drop us a message.

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