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Pick-up & Return

Step By Step 

Find the step-by-step instructions on how to pick-up & how to return your gear below if you have chosen self pick-up & self-return. You can also watch this video for visual guidance.


Please remember to familiarize yourself with the bike manuals and our safety & traffic video before hitting the roads.

Step 1
Find Bike Shelter

Step 2  
Open the padlock on the fence

Step 3
Access bike keys

Step 4 
Collect your accessories

Step 5
Pick-up charger and overnight lock

Step 6
Lock the gate behind you

Go to Sindshvilevej 4, 2000 Frederiksberg. Walk through the open gate and towards the roofed parking until you reach the fenced bike shelter.

Finding the Shelter

Use the pin code we sent to your email/phone on the padlock and confirm with the lock 🔒 symbol.

Using the Padlock

Every cargo bike is colour coded, has a name and lockbox with 3 keys inside. Find your bike(s) and open the lockbox to retrieve your keys for lock 1, lock 2, and the battery.

Lockbox mounted to the bike

Have you booked helmets? Need to bring a charger? Remember to collect your accessories.


If you are going to rent the bike for more than a day, an overnight bag should be in your bike box. If not make sure to take it with you from behind the shed on the bottom shelf. The bag should contain a charger and an extra lock, double check if you have them. If not please find a charger hanging from the wall or contact us.


Don't let other people in, unless they have children. If they are authorized, they have a pin code and can go in after you. When in doubt, call us.

Not the right "How to" guide?
Check the other guides about the rental process and about the online booking

Do you have any questions about our
cargo e-bike service or our bikes ?

Check out the Support page to see also our Bike Manuals or FAQ and if there are any other questions, don't hesitate

to drop us a message.

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