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Regular E-Bike

A high-end choice fulfilling your e-bike dreams. Midmotor, hydraulic brakes and internal hub gear in Danish quality.

Ideal for parents or friends who want to bike electric nearby or together with their group on cargo e-bikes.

The "Book Now" button will direct you to our online booking platform.

Regular E-Bike Specifications

See what booking our Regular E-Bike covers & includes.

Check Out The Regular E-Bike
Video Manual

In this video you will find out how to use our cargo Family E-bike and what is the process from the very beginning until the end. Enjoy ! 

Do you have any questions about our
Regular E-Bike ?

Check Out the Regular E-Bike Manual to learn how to use it and see all the other specifications and if there are any other questions, don't hesitate

to drop us a message.

Looking for something else?

Check out the other e-bikes or services. Maybe they fit you better.

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