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Quick Guide

How to drive safely in Copenhagen ?

Biking Rules in Copenhagen

Before hitting the streets, it's important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Take a look of a few crucial regulations that you have to follow when biking in Copenhagen

Rule 1
Always use bike lanes

Rule 2  
Keep to your right

Rule 3
Use hand signals

Rule 4 
Use lights when it gets dark

Rule 5
Drive slowly

Rule 6
Turning on intersection

Rule 7
Don't stand up on your pedals

Rule 8 
Leaning on turns

Always use bike lanes in Copenhagen. Riding on pedestrian lanes is not permitted. In the absence of bike lanes, use the driveway instead. Stay safe and respect the designated paths for a smooth biking experience.

Bike shelter

When cycling in Copenhagen, keep to your right. It enhances safety and makes it easier for faster bikers to pass by smoothly.


When biking in Copenhagen, remember to drive predictably and avoid sudden direction changes. Show your intentions with hand signs. Raise your hand 90 degrees to indicate a stop and stretch it out for turning. 

Lockbox mounted to the bike

Put on your bike lights after dark so that you don't get fined. A white light at the front and a red light at the back are installed on all our bikes.


Start off driving slowly, also when going downhill. Cargo bikes are stable while standing and get less and less stable the faster you go. If you are new to cargo bikes, you must stay below the speed of 18 km/h at all times. 

Lockbox mounted to the bike

It is illegal to make a direct left turn at an intersection. Ride straight across to the opposite right corner of the intersection, stop and wait for the traffic light to turn green before you go. 


Never stand up on your pedals, you may lose balance and fall.

Lockbox mounted to the bike

Cargo bikes are designed so you keep your weight inside the centre of the turn. When turning the bike, try not to lean too much, in this case the bike may tilt and fall.


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